Nothing can beat the delicious taste of traditional African spice blends!


Ataro's range of blended spices is hand-crafted & most of the ingredients are sourced from Africa's renowned spice lands, ensuring the taste, aroma, flavour & colour remain uncompromised. Our products contain natural ingredients without artificial colours, preservatives or MSG. They are also suitable for vegetarians.


Suya (BBQ) Spice: 

What is Suya?

Suya is a popular Specialty roadside grilled meat in Nigeria.This spice blend gives a delicious flavour to your meat, whether you’re smoking or grilling. 

How to use Suya Rub?

Our Suya BBQ rub goes with all meat types. Our favourite is chicken: Grill, roast, bbq your chicken, beef, fish or maybe vegetables. Rub in or sprinkle on your meat before and after grilling.

What is inside? Suya seasonings, Nigerian chilli

Things to know:

No artificial colour, no artificial flaours, no artificial preservatives, no added MSG,suitable for vegetarians


Ataro Jollof Spice mix

What is Jollof Spice?

The signature dish of West Africa, Jollof Rice, originated with the Wollof Community in Senegal but is now widely eaten at homes and parties throughout other West African countries. Jollof spice combines spices that give the dish its unique taste so you can replicate it at home. With aromas that awaken your emotions and flavours that linger on your taste buds, this is a must-try.

How to use the Spice?

The Ataro Jollof spice blend is mainly used in making jollof rice. But who says you can't use it in other dishes? It enhances the taste of many dishes, such as soups, vegetables, gravies, or casseroles. 

Ingredients: This is a premium Blend of 7 Herbs and Spices – Ginger, Curry, White Pepper, Mixed Herbs, Onion, Crushed Peppercorns, and Salt.

Allergens: None


Ataro West African Seasoning Mix

What is West African Seasoning mix?

A combination of 9 West African flavours. Spice up any meal with this multi-purpose seasoning and experience the vibrant flavours of West Africa. 

How to use?

Use Wesst African Seasoning Mix to season any dish - your stews, rice dishes, pies and vegetables. Once you start using this, you can't turn back.

Ingredients: curry blend, paprika, rosemary, onions, nutmeg, coriander, white pepper, thyme, garlic, chilli, parsley


Ataro Chicken Rub

What is Ataro Chicken Rub?

Ataro Spice Chicken Rub is our secret spice mix blend that provides the African taste profile to your favourite chicken and chicken dishes. The best quality herbs and spices are blended to bring you delicious flavour.

How to use?

Perfect for marinating, seasoning, and grilling chicken, whether cooked in the oven, pan, or BBQ. You can enjoy this spicy meat dish without guilt! Mix this exotic rub with a bit of olive oil and rub it on the chicken.


Ataro Fish Rub

What is Ataro Fish Rub?

Ataro Fish rub combines wholesome herbs and spices with vibrant, bold flavours that take your taste buds to new heights. It elevates the taste of your fish dishes into a one-of-a-kind flavour adventure! 

How to use 

This contemporary spice blend is full of delicious flavours that enhance the taste of any fish dish.